The Journalist.

Reshmi Kaur Oberoi is a 28-year-old native New Yorker based in Long Island, covering all things lifestyle. She taps into the oftentimes-neglected angle of a story. Reshmi lays down the facts and offers the reader substantiated speculative reporting without compromising on a punchy style that warrants a reader over a skim.Sure, you cannot “quote a wink,” but as actress Alexis Bledel’s character, Rory Gilmore, said, “you can describe one.” And Reshmi most definitely does, approaching each story with unadulterated whimsy. She taps into the story behind which curated lifestyle decisions are made, decisions that are influenced by everything from pop culture, to societal expectations, geographical region, and finances.

The Woman.

A hybrid Puerto-Rican, Punjabi, Reshmi Kaur Oberoi enjoys her alliterative heritage for everything except her hair's tendency to react to any drop of moisture. She enjoys reality TV competitions when she has time to catch up on them during her allotted 2-hour wind-down. We're not talking Survivor, at least not with respect to the actual show, or any singing, dancing, and/or dating contests. Reshmi enjoys high-brow cooking competitions, HGTV flipper, fixers, and house hunters, and TLC's wedding dress gallivanting. Always swiftly passing by the new fiction shelf in the library since she was ye' high, making a beeline for books about world religions, she occasionally indulges in fictional worlds. Enter: Gilmore Girls. Reshmi prefers staying grounded in reality and that's probably why she can live with being that millenial who is allergic to avocado. As long as she has coffee though - she's good.