CXLVI. Game Changer -

Stop resisting destiny is what he told me.
You’re here because you’re supposed to be here, is what another “he” told me.
You were meant to be here. To travel here, is what she meant.
To see and hear that which is here, is what I gathered.

“Stop living in the past. Be content with the present. Live now.”

Stop. Be. Live.

That talk is a little too I’ve-got-corn-on-the-cob remnants in the crevices of my carnivorous teeth that has chomped more on potatoes than poultry. What you’re saying is sweet, but its abstractness is bitter.

I much prefer the old-school: Stop. Drop. Roll.

And that’s what I’m doing. I’m rolling out of three weeks’ worth of graduate school training in journalism.
I’m rolling out of 10-graded assignments and quizzes.
I’m rolling out a huge intake of knowledge that had accumulated with every passing second since having become a master degree candidate.

Birth-marked the master of my mind, I decided to roll out of here, roll out my knowledge, take inventory of it, and then package it into one big advantage over the competition that awaits me.
Then there’s the Mastermind.

Twenty-four hours after I had accepted my here and now, I stopped, I looked and I lived the moment.

There it was: A Mastermind was at work.

“You were given your opportunity. Here it is. Take it.”

Stop. Drop. Roll.

I stopped and mulled it over.
I dropped the here and now.
And I rolled out.

Game Changer: These 21 days worth of knowledge, accumulated into one big sphere, is now rolled out, organized and compartmentalized, uninhibited and ready to be applied.

Like the suitcases that lie amongst my flip-flop enslaved feet, my mind is covered in flattened layers of information. Whilst these layers remain my mind’s occupants, their very nature - that of being rolled out - enables perpetual head-space.

I’m climbing up the Ivy once more:
This time, my mind is open, my bottom-half in tandem with gravity - weighed down by the rolled out layers of skills and techniques honed by hours of studying and invaluable pedagogy.

With agility on my side, I’m climbing up the Ivy-covered quote unquote beanstalk, beyond the clouds and into the sky.

See how she climbs.