LXII. What Yesterday Hath Brought -

These clouds are teasing me.

Does that sound silly? I think it does.

I am sitting on the floor of my living room - the light is not on but the blinds are open and it is mid, almost late afternoon.

The temperature has dropped about twenty or more degrees since two days ago and so the air conditioner is not on. The house feels comfortable and when I look out the window, the tree branches are swaying with the breeze, only serving to tease me more.

What am I being teased about?

The season is what I am being teased about. I am being teased for it being the end of July instead of the end of August.

The time, the here and now, are being  manipulated to then and there, to that which I am waiting for, impatiently might I add, hence the feeling of being teased.

The coolness in the house has resulted due to the breaking of the clouds’ once stubborn stance to not release any precipitation.

It feels like it is 4 O'clock on a weekday, five years ago, and I have just stepped off the city bus, walking home in the comfort of early evening darkness, reminiscent of holiday-time.

I hear the television in background to the clinging of utensils and pots in the kitchen which are at the forefront of what I hear because the kitchen is closer to my bedroom.

I smell daal cooking and…

Am I getting old? Obviously I am but, after that flashback I literally just felt my eyes beckon the four p.m. darkness of late fall and early winter.

My eyelids had closed.

I had laid down only to wake up one hour later.

I never nap during the day. Yet, that sleep felt so warranted. That one hour of sleep was so cozy and I have to say that I am slightly disappointed that it if I were to walk out of my house I would be face-to-face with an over-achiever: 96% humidity.


The Next Day -

It is absolutely beautiful outside.

I feel energized, though this is the first day since Monday that I have not worked out.

I feel energized and fresh, without the gym’s artificial air that is sweat-saturated clinging to the edges of my pores.

I feel energized because instead of eating two cooked plantains for dinner, I ate more than a serving size of vegetable Lo Mein at the incredible local Chinese food take-out place that is three blocks away from my house.

I feel like Reshmi, with one thing missing - the schedule for the upcoming Fall.

I looked at my bulletin board: There was a magazine cut-out of delicious-looking coffee and a two magazine page feature story taken from the University of Pennsylvania’s publication, The Gazette. This story was written by an undergraduate detailing the particular study life and study culture of the Penn student body: competitive, sleep-deprived, wired on Saxbys’ or alternatively Mark’s Cafe’s sorry excuse for coffee, and situated in some type of over-the-top technologically superior cubicle of Wharton or the liberal arts rooms with just the right amount of serious intellectual gloominess - no lighting and frigid temperatures.

I am going to miss that culture of mass studying - from the flash mob in Rosen Garden Reserve, to the long lines at Mark’s Cafe, to the dirty looks given by incoming students in search of a desk, to the hippies that just need an outlet and some floor space, to the nice dude who gave up his outlet so that I could finish a paper.

I’m going to miss this part of college- the part where I could expand my knowledge and think without being reprimanded by the close-minded T.A.’s.

I am going to miss the think-tank bubble that was the library.

Before college I had the ability to expand my knowledge as well and I think I miss that time more.

I miss what yesterday hath brought more…

… and I cannot wait for what decisions my inbox shall bring for this first post-grad season.