LXXVIII. Respect's Invocation -

O Respect!

You are only found when you cannot be.

You’re missing-in-action repertoire validates that you are active.

Indeed -your presence exists so long as you remain unseen.


When not here but there, your dignity remains untainted.

Behold the honor that remains intact,

     always underneath the surface, and never elated.

Behold the exclusivity that I have created without regard for fact.


Mystery has bequeathed distinction upon -

Yes, “upon”; As you must not exert any energy.

Only passivity for our human actions, otherwise you’re forced to fawn.

Never must you have to prove your great mind, I plea!


You’re ardent quest for standing your ground is admirable.

Whether you stand or sit, are hunched or upright, it does not matter.

All these options, pray good person, take whatever it is you will!

One move of yours conjures hundreds of others; your climb nay a ladder.


Lo! You are a muse who dislikes music.

You’re uniqueness is ravishing and your glory glows.

May you never fall sick.

Otherwise, absorb your healing power, already used way into the ‘morrows.


Hello, poser of the almighty Respect,

prove yourself to us, lest you covet my judgement.

My judgement is static regardless, so just accept,

that you were given home-court advantage, but it seems you may just rent.