XCI. Universal Uniqueness -

The new year, 2013, has finally rolled around. The anticipation that December brings for a countdown that is actually not inundated with tension and eminent punishment, (picture a parent advising their child to do what he/she says before he/she has finished counting to 10), quite literally rolled around and ended.

Truth be told, I had not thought too much about the profundity of having to write 2013 in the upper right hand corner of all my documents, a habit that pedagogues had instilled in me.

However, today, as if experiencing a delayed reaction, I thought about how great a feat a year passing truly was.

As mentioned in a previous post, I never superimposed a blank slate with January 1st. However, today, the prospect of utilizing a planetary benchmark as a blank pad of paper that is propped up on an easel in front of me, seems opportune and almost generous-like.

I am not saying that I will embark on the entropic path that is resolution-making. Instead, I’ll be taking a path that will be fruitful by acknowledging the present in tandem with the future. I don’t want to adhere to a repetitive mantra that is provided by resolutions.

I think most of our, now hipster-minded world, has denied the antiquated efficacy of resolutions. Resolutions are now diluted into 2 definitions:

1. A literary term used to describe the concluding part of a narrative that acts to remedy a conflict; also can be found on the tail end of a concave down parabola used to imitate the progression of your common narrative that is commonly found in English curriculums for middle school students.

2. The once trending new year’s eve and new year’s day tradition to make up for the lack of actualized festivities to mark the passing of three hundred sixty five days; a trending tradition that only serves to dampen the human spirit tomorrow, for the mainstream appetite for entertainment today.

Despite new year’s day’s universal quality, the day belongs to each and every one of us. There is a universal uniqueness to January 1st that enables each of us to purpose the day, and the year, as we choose.

I realized this new year’s day, that I want to not only continue to think but enact my already rooted desire to compete and accomplish as much as I can. I want to extend my fingertips farther and farther. It shouldn’t be an impossible task. It shouldn’t, but it seems as though it is.

Throughout college I would practice lifting up my legs, fully extended and in line with a pointed toe, a little higher with each passing day until the toes would be in line with my head. Four years later, and my toes reached farther and farther, until they finally came in line with my head, so why not my fingers?

Why is the climb always so steep?

2 factors seem to make the climb incredibly steep: time and place.

Today my delayed reaction has caused me to view this 2 factor explanation for the steep climb as nothing more than a defeatist attitude,


Before 2013:
With each passing class of new freshmen to the University of Pennsylvania, for example, a convocation ceremony is held on college green. The fresh faces in formal finery are praised by President Gutman for being smarter than the accepted class that came before them. The university newspaper publishes the statistics affirming the brilliance of these new freshman prodigies who became prodigious, perhaps, a year’s time before the freshmen that came before them. Class of 2016 is dumber than the class of 2017. The climb is steep.

Say you take a standardized exam in 2013 and score above the score in 2012 that could have gained you a spot in your choice of school, but falls below the mark for 2013’s admissions. The climb is steep.

In the 1980s, major American cities were akin to fiefdoms in medieval Europe. To be a landowner or homeowner, was more visionary than practical. I have been told many a time how affordable the beautiful brownstones in Manhattan were and how the ability to lay down roots on Madison or Park Avenues was very possible. However, due to the times, the prospect of owning those vine-covered townhouses were not taken into account. Instead, simply having the pleasure of being in such close proximity to the exquisite architecture reminiscent of the Dutch settlers in New York City, was enough during the 80’s. As locals, New York City was and is ours regardless. However, it is a steep climb to own these properties today. Today, a 1 bedroom, kitchenette-cum-living room space can go above 2 million dollars in Brooklyn Heights. The climb is steep.

January 1st view:
ना को मूरखु ना को सिआणा ॥ वरतै सभ किछु तेरा भाणा ॥
अगम अगोचर बेअंत अथाहा तेरी कीमति कहणु न जाई जीउ ॥३॥
No one is foolish, and no one is clever.
Your Will determines everything.
- Guru Arjan Dev Ji, 5th Guru of the Sikhs

Working hard is all anyone can do in order to ascertain his/her future, no? What is luck without effort? This is unanswerable. You can’t possibly eat a Lucky Charm marshmallow and determine a tangible result save for bodily excrement. Please excuse the crudeness, but it’s true. What is effort without luck? This question does have a tangible answer that can be yielded via trial and error. Time has nothing to do with the climb. It is all in our will to contribute to society in a positive manner.


Before 2013:
Apparently, to pursue a career-related endeavor in one of the countries that you have an ethnic connection to, is taboo. Despite the fact that you have only remembered this country from a 2-week trip and do not know the language and even though you plan to go to the complete polar opposite part of the country than the part you’re from, still, it is taboo. Even though this potential move, completely out of your element and comfort zone, can work to help boost your career for the better, above and beyond the people who will judge you, still, you will be judged. Reverse immigration is taboo and the climb is steep.

January 1st view:
The climb is steep, but not because of the place.

If anything, the opportunity to spearhead any type of activity is severely narrowed. Organizations tend to become overwhelmingly numerous with almost identical mission statements. Everyone is setting out to be their own boss and a new URL appears almost daily. Initiatives are becoming redundant so forgive me for my less than eager appreciation of yet another copy-cat proposal carried out according to your standards.

How do we set ourselves a part?

It is not the place, but our own need to rise up and produce something new and beneficial.

Here is to 2013 -