XX. I'm Mary Poppins-

I never saw the movie nor do I ever want to.

Still, I am Mary Poppins.

My bag is ever-expanding though it is square and compact.

Book after book, oblong odds and ends, a wallet, and my rebellious plastic water bottle that isn’t as “green” as the thermoses that surround me, (but is far more hygienic), are pulled out of my bag.

There is even an umbrella in my bag - granted it’s not doilies-like, effortlessly and effeminately laced. It does not manually open up into a perfectly symmetrical crisply paneled pseudo-pinwheel. My umbrella is an industrialized automatic one and it’s black.

Still, I am Mary Poppins.

I too want to heal, to make better, and to repair.

I want to be a physician - a learned and yet eternal disciple of medicine.

Yet, I do not seem to be able to care for my own health and as a result I cannot fly. I cannot fly on no sleep and complete task after task as Miss Mary Poppins does.

I have not seen the movie so I don’t know her, you’re saying?

Not true - I have become acquainted with her via verbal narrative…

              The old-school way.

Yes, I am old school - just like Mary Poppins.

I am old school because I detest the superficiality of the people in this place and refuse to comply with the unwarranted laughter and happy countenances of this modern-networking and unnecessary socializing-obsessed world.

I am Mary Poppins -

              because I too am solo. I don’t desire your unwanted presence(s) for the sole reason of wanting to create an artificial friendship group that operates according to a schedule of inconvenient compromises.

I am not cold and I do not want everyone to be unhappy.


I just want the happiness to be warranted - to be real - just like in the world of Mary Poppins.

It is true, Mary Poppins’ life is not real because she can fly with an umbrella and can pull out gigantic and heavy items from an otherwise small shoulder-swung purse.

Still, I am Mary Poppins.