LXIV. Happy, happy, joy, joy -

Do you know what I absolutely cannot stand? Before the people who know me quickly respond with, “everything”, that is not my answer.

In fact, I think I am going to surprise you with my answer.

I really cannot stand the recent morbidity redolent in public service announcements. I’m all for presenting reality and suppressing censorship as much as is possible before crossing the line that provokes inhumanity.

However, I just want happiness to permeate every second of everyday in everyone’s life.

We know that there are problems. We realize that heart ache exists, failure sometimes occurs, and frustration can creep up at any time, like when I brought home a fresh bunch of sweet red strawberries that fell on the floor as soon I opened my front door and the first thing I did was take out my anger on my dad. Sorry, but your pep talk was necessary.

We’re human and having a sounding board and a caring soul to console you, even if it is about the recent loss of amazing strawberries, is more than welcoming.

We just want to be happy; not much to ask.

At home, the television has been on more than ever these past couple of days. My family religiously watches the Olympics, chants U-S-A, and now discusses how my brother and I should have kept up with swimming after ten years of practices. All is forgiven though and I vow to put my children in fencing and tennis in the future.

These moments encompass a little bit of happiness.

Then the AT&T commercial on texting while driving comes on.

We’re human. We have hearts and we become overwhelmed when anything happens to a fellow human sharing our planet. We cannot imagine having something like this happen to someone we hold close - sadness.

I’m glad that 30-second commercial is over.

Suddenly the NY Presbyterian hospital commercials come on. Tales untold of patients’ lives once in jeopardy before medical practice intervened and saved, stirs the soul. I see their tears and can’t help but feel my tear ducts mimicking them.

Our hearts go out to them. In the process though, our minds contemplate what we just heard and saw.

Those commercials did the job.

We, the people, took notice.

We have heeded, yes we have heard and we’re sad.

We’re trying to process why such stories have to be told, why such adversity ever had to occur, and how we can help deter sadness from ever occurring again.

I know sadness exists. Maybe I am being naive, but…

… humor me! I want to immerse myself in happiness.

Exhibit A: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UB3oEHzakOw

Tell me we are met with adversity, but reflect the normalcy of it and the happiness that can, without a doubt, be found afterwards.

I mean, technically you don’t have to tell me.

I already know happiness is attainable.

I’m just saying to exploit every possible opportunity to be happy, even if that means dreaming that you will find the perfect guy who will catch you by the wrist, bring you towards him, and break out in a Hindi song.