LXV. An Oddly Beautiful Day -

When the schedule of your day does not go as planned, it throws off your jive. Spontaneity wreaks havoc and laziness prevails.

Still, today has churned out oddly beautiful moments solely for myself.

You walk down the street, look around, and then either clean your nose on your sleeve if you are without tissue or do some other human action of necessity that is scrutinized by society; we’ve all been in this situation.

We think no one is around and after our basic human act has been committed, just then, out of the corner of our eye, we see someone staring at us from their window, or from the rear view mirror of a parked car.

Our heart beat quickens. What a violation of privacy!

We’re out in the public so our internal exclamation is null and void. How could we miss him/her?

We all have walked down the street and have remembered something funny we had heard and then laugh. Or, alternatively, we have focused on a rather disappointing memory that had caused us to cry or perhaps curse under our breath.

Again, the same scenario occurs. We notice that someone is either sitting in a parked car or in their living room and had a front row seat viewing of our private production.

What a violation!

Today I was that perpetrator.

In the midst of making a binder documenting my college era, I went to find a plastic sleeve for the 7 photos I had printed this morning, about 3 months after they were taken.

Instead, I found something else.

I found history. I found profound depth; especially in mostly khol-lined eyes.

I found that I was sitting down by myself and I was staring at pieces of what I can call my own.

I found my own dreams- I want to go to here!

And now I know why I have always wanted to go.

I know, I know!

I love that I stumbled upon what I did.

When you feel like you have discovered something, it feels immensely gratifying.

To think that I thought discovery was only in adjunct with a Nobel Prize and therefore almost an impossibility.

Here’s to being proven wrong, (*as long as it’s by myself) -