XLIX. The Modern Day Tease -

You have all these options -

You are sitting in front of a computer screen and you are born into income-

                or not.

You are a candidate,

                 for being one of the persons who came up with,

                “money does not grow on trees.”

                 Really, who knew?

You are watching,

                  House Hunters International, and then it hits you -

                  not the price tag, but reality.

More specifically,

                  your own reality because what you are watching is reality television.

A modern concept,

                  watched by a modern person living in the modern world,

And like a proportion about to be cross-multiplied,

                  the “modern” cancels out,

                  and you’re left with your reality and the other reality.

New happenings are occurring and you are determined,

                  but the wrath wreaks havoc once more.

                  The cycle continues and may well have worsened.

And I am so appreciative,

                  of myself,

                  to have documented what I have,

                  to remember the truth of it all.

“Truth is High, Higher Still is Truthful Living”                        -Guru Nanak Dev Ji